What does it mean when you dream that you are getting raped?

ok so lastnight I had a kind of weird dream.. esspecialy for a 13 year oldd. so my dream was that I was in an elevator and there was like a 35 year old man in there too and I asked him if he wanted if he wanted to make the elevator brake so it would stop and we could have sex so he did and he started undressing me and then I was like I cant do this, im getting really clostrophobic and then I couldnt breathe and then I woke up.

Answer #1

I had a dream one time and me and my dad had sex but he has never done anything like that to me or anyone else. What does this mean???.

Answer #2

thats what I was thinking but I havent even thought about having sex?

Answer #3

Wait your being raped by a man and you are more worried about your claustrophobia?

Answer #4

you souldnt let it get to you after all its just dream, not a sign

Answer #5

It means that your not ready to have sex

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