I am two weeks late for my period, could i be pregnant?

I had safe sex four times since my last period. However, I am two weeks late. could I be pregnant?

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you could be cause it only take a second for that to happens
but was it protected are not?

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Yes. If I were you I would wait a week or two to take a pregnancy test but you def. need to get one.

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yes if you had sex around or during the time you were ovulating, count your days, you usually ovulate around day 14 if you have a regular 28 day cycle, and go ahead and take a pregnancy test, if it is negative, repeat it in one week

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Ok, well you can be pregnant, but ONLY because you said you had sex, reguardless you had protected or unprotected sex, you still had sex, therefore... there is always a chance. :]

Can you get pregnant a week or two before your period?

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was it protected or not protected

Late for period but not pregnant

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