Answer #1

All water, even rain water, contains dissolved chemicals which scientists call “salts.” but in different amount. When the water of ocean evaporates the salt chemical is left behind, and it gets bigger in number and makes the water taste salty.

Answer #2

whale sperm according to Snooki. Lol

Answer #3

Much of the rain water runs to the ocean sooner or later by for example rivers and streams. On its way it dissolves salts of different kinds from soil and stone. One of the salts is the one we use for food. Once in the ocean the salts collect. The water can escape but many of the salts can’t, therefore the salts have become more or less concentrated in the ocean, which makes it salty. The water escapes by evaporating and becoming new rain.

Salts can also get into the sea for example in particles brought there by winds, from rain that picks up things in the air and from the soil and stone on the bottom of the sea.

Answer #4

i heard that too! that only 2/3 of whale sperm goes into its partner. the other 1/3, well…

Answer #5

Oh, very mature. Thank you.

Answer #6

well i heard that in church…

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