Where does the snow come from???

Everyone knows where the rain comes from right.when it rains where those the water come from of course the lake or ocean right.so where those the snow come from???

Answer #1

snow comes from santa’s workshop. he sends it down as a nearly chiristmas present :)

seriously?? its cold rain. get yourself some common sense!

Answer #2

Water from lakes and oceans evaporate. That evaporation is absorbed by clouds. When it gets too full. It lets it go. Thats how you get rain. But after the water is let go. And it’s falling through the atmosphere. If the temperature is below 0. The water will freeze into ice on its way down. Then you have snow. Ta Da! =]

Answer #3

The clouds! After the clouds grab the water from rivers,lakes,e.c.t It carries it but ussually if it’s like too cold than that watter will get cold the the point where it will frezze making it snow. When there is too much for the clouds to handle it lets it all out at whatever place it stops.:)

Answer #4

same place. its just the coulds or water is cold

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