Obama Speech?

Did you know that over thirty five million people watched Obama’s speech? NOT including those who watched it on C-span (Which I did). And not including other countrys. That’s INSANE! I am sooo happy for Obama! It’s so historic! And I can’t wait for him to become president!!!

I don’t think my FAMILY can take another four years of McBush. My dads been layed off way too many times in the past FOUR years. His job went from 1,600 workers to just one hundred! I don’t think my STATE can take another four years of McBush! And that’s the truth!!! Middle class workers NEED a NEW President! Not one who stood behind Bush ninty percent of the time!!!

What do you think about Obama’s speech? Did you watch it?

Answer #1

wow “rickd”, you realize we have spent as of now FIVE HUNDRED AND FIFTY BILLION EMPHASIS ON BILLION DOLLARS on the Iraq war? I think taxing the rich might be a good idea…Can you say debt?

Supply side or trickle down economics may work theoretically, but in reality it sucks! The problem is by favoring the wealthy and large corporations is that they are just investing in outside manufacturing like China rather than within our country. Its not at all based on reason, its based on who needs to keep up vested interests with who. And why would the rich decide to put more money into their businesses just because they have less taxes? You realize they can just as easily work less and still make a ton, right? It only benefits the rich to tax them less. The problem is that the wealthy are at the top of the hierarchy and are afraid to lose power by being taxed. go obama!!!

Answer #2

“so here we are now at the end of a stimulated economic cycle that was berserk, and a weak dollar.”

The dollar’s weak because Bush, Jr rose deficit spending while slashing taxes across the board AND printing more money.

Answer #3

Ha ha ha, good on Utopia!!! Look, all I know is that people like Bush and McSame want the rich to get richer and the poor to get pooer, I don’t think middle class even exists anymore, it’s gone extinct, and Obama’s the man we need to bring it back…

Answer #4

“as micheal savage said liberalism is a mental disorder. and barrack obama is liberal.”

and you believe a sane, intelligent person listens to and then quotes michael savage?

Answer #5

Thatonegirl14: Obama wants to LOWER taxes for the middle class. Who told you he wants to raise taxes? Bush raised taxes.


Answer #6

I don’t like him. and not because hes black. because he wants to tax the hell out of middle class workers. so how is that helping them? as micheal savage said liberalism is a mental disorder. and barrack obama is liberal.

Answer #7

Are you crazy? I swear, people are so blind. He went to a church that preached hatred agaisnt america, he doesnt say the pledge nor put his hand over his heart. He has no respect for this country. He says he’s going to dismantle all of our nuclear weapons and get the other contries to do the same. Ofcourse the other countries will agree, but do you actually think they’re going to do it? heck no. They’re going to nuke the crap outta us. Mccain is a strong military man who doesnt take crap from any country. I wanted hillary to win,but thats not going to happen. We’re more safe with mccain. We don’t need a terrorist for president. And did you here obamas “typical white person remark”? what the f*ck?


Answer #8

I think you are racist. Obama is not muslim, and even if he was that doesn’t make him a terrorist. You idiot. I’m pretty sure if he went to a church that preached hatred towards America that he wouldn’t be running for The President of The UNITED STATES OF guess what? AMERICA!!! Why would they ‘nuke’ the ‘crap’ out of us?? Other countries see America as the most brutal country because we go to unnecessary wars. McBush might have served in the war, but so did Bush. And it doesn’t make a difference if he did or not. They are BOTH STUPID MEN! And also guess what? Hillary is BEHIND OBAMA!!!

Have you heard the things ‘typical white people’ say about Obama? Yeah, you’re one of them.

Answer #9

honostly I dont care bout him, and no im not raciest I just dont like him, so therefore I didnt watch him, and no I dont like mccain either, I don’t like none of them except for mccain’s running mate, she actually stands up to the government, bout time someone does!!! I dont even know if ill vote or not b/c like I said, I dont like either of them…which is sad…if I do decide to ill vote for mccain just b/c of his running mate, I like what she said… but I dont care for him…and like I said I didnt watch obama, didnt want to and didnt care too…

Answer #10

Well good if he raises taxes on wealthy people!! It’s better than raising taxes on the middle class! Bush RUINED the economy! Our country was good and set when Clinton was president, but then Bush RUINED IT ALL! Why would I want someone who is JUST like Bush? And what’s wrong with lowering taxes on people making below fifty six thousand? And then raising it for people above two hundred and fifty thousand?

I’m gald your life is all swell and dandy, but some peoples lives aren’t. My parents struggle every day just to get by. We’re SO lucky that my dad even has a job now. Thanks to, yep, Bush.

Answer #11

Yes,I watched it. And I thought it was amazing. Whats cooler,is he gave an amazing speech on the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech.I think that was really neat,and really said somehting about the African American pride. I for one,can not wait until he becomes president.

I’m sorry to hear about your dad,though.

Answer #12

rickd: “Sarah, you are an angry little thing arent you? “

And why aren’t you angry about such malicious and hate-filled drivel coming from superman (must have some kryptonite in his cape, it is affecting his thinking)? Regardless of ideology, do you actually endorse spreading lies like he is?

“What to do now? Raise taxes to pay down debt and strengthen dollar? or make tax cuts permanent, and cut spending? I say the latter. “

Why should only the wealthiest americans get a tax break? Why should they get any at all? You expect us to cut tax and cut spending at the same time, and still pay down our debt. It doesn’t work that way.

Answer #13

obaba shall seek victory. shutup!

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