will obama get assasinated?

will obama get assasinated?

Answer #1

Best I can tell right wing nutjobs hated Bill Clinton far more than they hate Obama and the Secret Service was was successful protecting Clinton so Obama should be fine.

Answer #2

Assassination is very hard these days. He has a lot of people watching every possible angle for danger. It could happen but I seriously doubt it.

Answer #3

Thats like a trick question. But because he black theres a better chance of him being.But remember people voted him in and he got a bunch of people on his side and is for everything he wants except for abortion. If someone aint do it to Bush,I doubt it gunna happen to Obama

Answer #4

How do we know? Although offcorse there is a high risk. Small minded people dislike him for his skin color which is pathetic. he will probably have to spend all his life within barriers and wearing bullet proof vests. his children will have to be closely monitored. But he new all this before he became President. He is a strong willed man and willing to take risks for his country.

Answer #5

I don’t think so because the security is intense. And pluss, there are allot of people on Obama’s side as it is. I don’t believe in his policies or views and I don’t care what color he is I wouldn’t want him assasinated. That would be terrible! Also, a tragity.

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