Is oatmeal considered a vegan food?

Answer #1

No. People (some of them) are vegan. Oatmeal, being of non-animal origin, can be part of a vegan diet.

(It’s like asking if carrots are vegetarian. They’re not, because they don’t eat plants.)

Answer #2

i pretty sure she was asking if vegan’s eat oatmeal not if oat meal was vegan. regardless, yes vegan’s eat oatmeal. they don’t eat anything that has to do with animal, milk eggs,anything like that.

Answer #3

if you don’t make it with milk, yes

Answer #4

What do you mean some of them ? Its not made out of animal product ?

Answer #5

That’s why she said is it a vegan food. She didn’t say, “Is oatmeal vegan?”

Answer #6

ikr why would she ask if oatmeal was actually vegan haha

Answer #7

Good point, Rachael, you got me there. Sophia, sorry I picked on your language; you had it right.

Answer #8

…or butter, or honey.

Answer #9

I meant “some people,” but never mind, I was just being a smart-ass.

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