Is oatmeal & bananas a good breakfast?

Answer #1

I fins bananas very tasty, sometimes oatmeal doesn’t set well with me though. So I suppose I would call it a decent breakfast. That’s just my opinion though.

Answer #2

it’s a very healthy breakfast. and it’s good for you if that’s what you meant.

Answer #3

Sounds like a pretty well-balanced breakfast to me. Add a glass of milk or orange juice and you’ve got it :)

Answer #4

I like it better with strawberries, banans have a lot of carbs in them, but whichever u choose is fine

Answer #5

Yes, really good.

Answer #6

mmmmm that sounds good, im about to have that

Answer #7

Even though it’s good, I’d rather have bacon, eggs, biscuits, gravy, hash browns and a big glass of milk.

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Answer #10

Yes oatmeal and any kind of fruit is always good along with some orange juice too! :)

Answer #11

It’s healthy enough, but I hate both of them :P

Answer #12

oh yes thats my usual breakfast ahaha

Answer #13

Yeah they’re both healthy. Better than like bacon all the time and’s greasy and too fattening for you. (:

Answer #14

Yeah they’re both healthy. Better than like bacon all the time and’s greasy and too fattening for you. (:

Answer #15

ya its a healthy breakfast i like oakmeal only if it has lots of honey in itnthough or if it already is sweetish haha

Answer #16

Yup it’s great! It is healthy and gives you plenty of energy for the rest of the day!

Answer #17

Oatmeal is a great way to start off your day. Bananas are good for you but remember the softer the fruit the more sugar it has in it. Also if you want some crunch you can throw in some raw walnuts.

Answer #18

That is odd because I just had oatmeal with bananas walnuts and cinnamon in it this morning, yumm. But yes it is healthy. Oatmeal is the healthiest food for breakfast because it’s not heavy, it supplies grain for energy, protein, and is low in fat. And fruit are always a healthy option.

Answer #19

i dont care if bacons not healthy i will eat as much as i want >.< hahha

Answer #20

One who wanna reduce weight and be in shape needs this meal one of the easiest and best breakfast


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