How can I keep breakfast from getting boring?

Okay, so it is important to eat breakfast everyday…but, how do I keep it from getting boring? I don’t have tons of time in the morning, but don’t want to just grab something quick (and probably not the most healthy) and go. I’m getting bored though…I alternate between cream of wheat, oatmeal, and cereal. What are some other good breakfast ideas that are healthy?

Answer #1

BURCHER MUESLI!!! Its delish

apples, nuts, oats, honey, yohgurt, yumminess! You can look it up. The only hard thing is crushing the nuts (which you dont have to do, you can put them in whole) and cutting apples can take just a lil while. Have yummy fun!

Answer #2

scrambled eggs :) only takes 5 minutes to make and theyre good for you :)

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