Well, I just got on the nuvaring, and I have been learning about all of these bad results on them, about getting pregnant. If I were to use a condom, AND have the nuvaring in would I be pretty good to go? This just worries me because I'm seventeen and I don't want a kid. I'm not going to have sex real soon but I just want to be sure. so plleeeaase help me out. :)

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Thank you! I just want to be as safe as I can be, so that's why I was wondering. I'm just worried about all of the bad reviews and such on the nuvaring...

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the best advice I think is not everything is 100% no matter how many protection there is. here is health class for you. 200,000,000-400,000,000 enter your body. they have obstacles. like 1.the sperm can get stuck in mucus 2.go the wrong way 3. white blood cells attack them. 4. they are looking for the egg which is round so they implant them self in the 1st round object they see. 5. your acid kills them. 6. some are defected ( two heads or tails or no tail) and some are just to weak so they only 50 make it to the egg and only one makes it in. so yea protection helps dont be foolish but then again its not 100% but sex is amazing ps dont be foolish

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