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Here is an overview of what you should expect to happen each year studying undergraduate engineering.

First year
During your first year in college, you need to write my essays online and take all the general prerequisites for further study in engineering. Most engineering programs require you to take the same 100 level courses, no matter what the type of engineering you plan to do. These courses are generally first year physics, chemistry and calculus. This way, if you're still uncertain about which type of engineering to choose after your first year, you are able to choose later.

Second year
The second year still requires you to take some general courses that are required in most engineering programs. These courses include differential equations, linear algebra and any other prerequisites you need in order to start the program of your choice. You should have a choice before the second year begins so you can get a head start on the 200 level classes you need, but this isn't necessary unless your program requires it before third year begins.

Third year
Most engineering programs are highly competitive. If you get rejected from one program, then don't be discouraged. Since you took the same courses required for other programs, you have more opportunities to be accepted. Before the second year is through, you should be accepted into a program and be finished with a strong foundation in general engineering. In your third year, you can expect to take a lot of introductory courses in the program into which you are accepted, courses that are exclusive to that type of engineering.

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