How to make the bed stop creaking?

any advice on making a bed stop creaking. I HATE it!! anytime I just barely roll over at night it creeks and it bugs the CRAP out of me. any advice? btw, it’s a wooden bed frame and I’m not using wd40 because it’s not rusty.

Answer #1

CRC works well… teflon based spray lubricants also work well. Especially on surfaces which you want to stay dry. They last a long time on the surface.

Answer #2

Also you might want to think about applying CRC or similar to the joints - that stops creaking really good also.

Answer #3

Wooden beds creak, usually, because screws and/or nails are loose. You might be able to remove your matresses, tighten the screws, and by that simple act, reduce the creaking considerably. If that doesn’t work, I suggest that you buy some wood glue, and put the glue in any loose joints with a syringe. Just don’t glue together anything that’s supposed to come apart…

Answer #4

thanks guys, now I can sleep at night. haha.

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