Where should I put WD40 on my bike to make the brakes stop squeaking?

I tried once putting it all over the brakes. Yes the noise stopped but the brakes would not LOL so where else? The chain maybe? but how would that affect the brakes. The bike’s a trek mountain bike thats about 2 or more yrs old now.

Answer #1

You need new brake pads on your bike. Puttin wd40 on your brakes is going to cause them to be slippery and cause your breaks not to work properly.

Answer #2

hmm weird ok

Answer #3

Is it the actual rubber on the brake or the brake cable attached to the handlebars? If it the one on the handlebars I think it would be ok, but if it’s the actual rubber on the wheel that brakes, no, because it would brake less and could potentially cause injury.

Answer #4

why are you so smart…

Answer #5

i dont remember. I think the brakes r a wee bit stiffer and it sounds like a rusty bike its annoying. I think its the pads cuz i did once try the oil on it and it made brakes bad haha but soundless.

Answer #6

Yup, change the pads- unless you are into Extreme Sports type injuries…

Answer #7

okay lol. Where iv rode my bike im sure it thinks its doing extreme sports LOL

Answer #8

btw WD40 is NOT a lubricant, it can actualy speed up rusting. there are however bottles of auto lube that you can buy.

Answer #9

use a wet rag to clean the rim and brake pad, no wd40.

Answer #10

didnt know tht thanks

Answer #11


Answer #12

your pads are old, replace them

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