Age to get a eyebrow/ lip/ tounge piercing?

How old do you have to be to get a eyebrow/ lip/ tounge peircings like that also how old do you have to be to get a second hole in your ear?

Answer #1

You Can Be Any Age If You Mum Or Dads With You (: xx

Answer #2

I think that piercings are 16 or 18 and under if you have a parent or guardian there, some places just dont care and they will do it anyway.

Answer #3

16 and you need parental consent and they have to comewith. the place would also need a birth certifacate.

Answer #4

18 19 And the ear hole can be 13 and up

Answer #5

13-14 Cause Am 13 And Am Getting Mines Done On Friday xx

Answer #6

if you have your parents permission and they cum with u..any age

Answer #7

16 and up for anything but 18 for nipple down “there” and tongue

Answer #8

any age but for any piercing bellow the waist you have to be 18 usually, I’m not sure about the nipple



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