Is it normal to have thoughts about killing someone, in detail?

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I dearly hope not. ): Any time I ever got so mad I though about killing someone I blocked the thoughts. ): It's too scary and sad and I think how horrible it would be if they actually were killed by anyone never mind me.):

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I'd say it has crossed everyone's mind at one time or another about a SPECIFIC person for various reasons such as revenge. As long as the thought goes away and you come to your senses, then I'd say it's normal. But to have thoughts about it pertaining to a RANDOM person just for the sake of committing the act is NOT NORMAL and the person having these thoughts should seek help right away and I pray that they do.

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i dont think thats normal.maybe u need to reevaluate your mind and clear negative thoughts cuz that is scary

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what if the thughts are constant, but not about someone random just for the sake of it...?

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if you have homicidal tendsys... its ok. lol, its very normal if you despise that person for somthing they did to you, then its fine just dont go through with it

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I do all the time and I'm pretty sure I'm normal! :P If you're worried about it going too far you could try talking to someone about it. There's a reason behind everything the human mind thinks about but don't let your imagination rule you.

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Of course for you Sheep. ;PPPPPPPP

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Fantasies about killing a certain person are normal if that person bothers you very much (for example a bully in school). As long as you are sure that you will never make those thoughts real, there is nothing bad to it at all. It's just a way of coping with negative emotions.

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The sheep is right.

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I have done that one time or another. That is one aspect that drive soldiers insane. When the enemy kills one of their friends then all they can think is revenge of not just killing the enemy but their family and children as well and at the time and while at war and to survive it feels reasonable. But then they get home and if because of that rage they actually committed an atrocity then the guilt will drive them insane.

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I agree with Lily. Its sickning

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And sad. :(

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yes very sad and scary. If i ever got that way i would block them to. I would be scared i lost control of myself

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hmmm can't say i have ever had any thoughts like that? but then, ex husband included, i can't say that there is anyone that i've wanted to be dead enough?

hope it stays that way.. i'd hate to have a reason to hate someone that much..

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As long as you don't act on those thoughts, I've heard it's actually quite normal.

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I do all the time. My brother is a bitch and I think about killing him all the time. ( mainly b/c he is a grown man and has threaten me many times and he has beaten me us once) So I keep Military Knife and steel bat in my room close to my door. Just in case.

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since when did it become normal to have murderous thoughts?

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I don't know. :(

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