Is it normal for girls to have a six pack?

I dont have one lol just wonder :P

Answer #1

Normal? Yes Is it a trend that girls follow? Not really Does it look good on girls? Most times

There is nothing wrong with girls who have a six pack(since it is just a muscle group), but guys are used to seeing girls who are slim and sexy not muscular and buff.

Answer #2

Well it’s not normal for anybody to wake up one morning with a random 6 pack. But for athletic girls and boys, to have toned, well defined muscles including a 4 or 6 pack, could be considered ‘normal’. Though women don’t usually hold a 6 pack as well as men (because of our body shape). But yes, it can be done.

Answer #3

Well everyone would have different opinions on this. I think for a girl to have a flat toned body, is more feminine than to have a “6 pack”. A small pack that doesn’t look too muscular would be fine though.

Answer #4

noppeee haha, girls dont usually bodybuild, so if they play sports the girl might develope enough tone to get one :P but i think girls look better just being slim, and not as ripped as me :P haha

Answer #5

Yeah anybody can have a six pack, is not common but a girl who wants it can have it by working out hard, just like a guy would.

Answer #6

ppsshhh yea my friend has 1 shes really pretty nd she doesnt look manish :)

Answer #7

normal? yes? dude where do u live i wanna go there

Answer #8

in my opinion when a girl has one she usually doesnt look hot any more (if she did before)

Answer #9

some guys might not like it but its just your abdominal muscles

Answer #10


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