Normal behavior?

What is the normal behavior of a 14 yr old? The normal activities that they do?

Answer #1

well all 14 year olds are different. people I know who are 14 love being loud, others love them selves, others hate themselve and want to always fade away, others have sex and drink everyone’s different :)

Answer #2

they talk to there friends, play video games, gossip, shop, IM, do hair stuff like that really depends on the person

Answer #3

Well 14 is the age of experience! All kids at that age are at stuggle with who they think they are and fitting in and wondering what they are suppose to do in life. Its like a newborn baby they are new to the more mature and older world theyve ben introduced to and they have responcibilitys and such to relise! So Normal isnt the word. They are all different and react different to specific occasions. ACtivities?? Well most teens like to be with their friends because suddenly the parent is the enemy and the friends are the trust worthy ones which I think shuld be reversed but if you want to make sher your kid is going to enjoy an activity you have prepaired for them its best to invite one of their friends and just leave them be!

Answer #4

being really immature like always causing trouble

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