Is it normal to be afraid of the dark at an older age?

Answer #1

Yessss it is…I don’t go to sleep totally dark in my room unless my best friend is sleeping next to me(: , I leave the tv on all night…umm but it is probably just a will get over it.

Answer #2

alrightt, thanks for answering! :)

Answer #3

I am 18 and i won’t sleep with a night light, i have to have the room bright or else i will have a heart attack.

Answer #4

Sure, everybody has their own preference. Nothing to be worried about (:

Answer #5

thankks, that makes me feel better about it lol :)

Answer #6

samme with mee.

Answer #7

well good (:

Answer #8

your welcome :D

Answer #9

Yeah I can only sleep in my own room in the dark… but usually if i have some one else in the room I’m fine… Other than that… Hell no…

Answer #10

Yup, the dark is creapy. :( Complitly normal, i know no matter how old I will be afraid, always and forever.

Answer #11

I am terrified of the dark and everything in it. Even remote darkess. I’m about to turn nineteen. I know I’m not ancient, but I’m not a child.

Answer #12

I’m 18 and I’m afraid of the dark….. And I’m about to join the Police Force :|

Answer #13

dont worry we all are scared of diffrent things ur scared of the dark so what of course i suggest u try to fight it its not a problem but u should get over it imagining having ur sleepover or watever u girls do but dont worry try stayin in your room in the dark and take adeep breath and relax

Answer #14

I am!

Answer #15

omg i do that too/: & i usually leave my tv on, try listening to your iPod or music to be calm. just think of happy things and stuff(:

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