Is it norm al to be uncontrolably shaking after you've been crying a lot?

Answer #1

If I’m really upset and am crying, I sometimes shake. I think it’s just a rush of adrenaline that’s not being used in your body.

Answer #2

Yes, I usually shake uncontrollably after having a freak out.

Answer #3

yes it is normal … ::)

Answer #4

yea its happened to me plenty of times and i will sometimes shake if i try to make myself not cry..i usually just try and call someone to talk to to get my mind off things and it helps

Answer #5

thanks :)

Answer #6

Blahh. I was crying for like 2 hours and I finally stopped like 20 minutes ago and im still shaking. its annoying.

Answer #7

It’s the same with me, but not when I’ve been crying… It tends to happen when I get really angry, it lasts for an hour-a day tops

Answer #8

yes, this happens to my friend a lot. but if it continues for too long contact your doctor.

Answer #9

it’s depends on how upset you are sometimes but yes it CAN be normal.

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