no periods, pcos, diabetic, overweight and want to conceive

im 37 & married, my husband has a child from a prev marriage, so im guessing its me? I’ve been trying to get pregnant for too many years ( about 12 !! ). I was told I have pcos. im diabetic, but have good numbers. im overweight but active. I havent had a period in over 6 months & when I do have one, its light and only lasts about 3 days at the max, which makes it hard to know when I ovulate or if I even am! please help… thanks

Answer #1

I also have PCOS for last 5yrs. I got preg and had a miscarriage 3months time. But after 4 years. now I have 1 baby last year. In PCOS case, usually we have problem in ouvation. Please must keep your weight in control, than take pills for ouvation for atleast 3 months [ with Doctors advice]. 2nd option, check may be you have ovaries cysts, than straight go for laproscopy. and you will get wht. you want. [MUST MUST KEEP YOUR WEIGHT UNDERWEIGHT, with exercise or pills or diet or whatever you want]

Answer #2

I also have PCOS I became pregnant before without any help but only went to 26 week and she was born premature.. she died after 12days :( I have tried since then to become pregnant but with no luck.. I have to go back to the Doctor next week and I have desided to start taking fertility drugs.. I have my fingers crossed. I wish you luck, go to your Doctor before its to late. they may be able to help you out.. take care

Answer #3

The best thing to do right now would be to talk to your doctor…many of your problems may be related to the PCOS, but I can’t diagnose that.

Many women with your issues have still been able to conceive, but often it requires a little nudge. A basal thermometer may help you determine when you are conceiving, but with your medical problems, I strongly advise that you speak to a doctor about the possibility of getting pregnant. You may require fertility medications and will most likely need to be monitored throughout pregnancy

12 years is a long time to be trying, so it’s a pretty safe bet that you’ll need intervention to help this along.

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