I drink coffee all the time and I just cant seem to get any energy

I drink coffee all the time and I just cant seem to get any energy in my body. I’m not a lazy person I just so tired all the time. and I cant seem to get anything done what should I do?

Answer #1

quit drinking coffee—it puts your body on a roller coaster and ends up making you even more tired.

eat right, drink water, and get a little exercise everyday…whether it’s a walk at lunch time, or going to a gym. get it!

also, there’s a good chance you could be anemic. go ask your doc for a blood test to check for it. if you’re anemic, all your doc will most likely do is take an iron pill every day. get tested!

Answer #2

What does a normal day look like for you? What kind of food do you typically eat? The body needs a certain number of calories to perform activity on a daily basis (I don’t doubt you know this, I am just writing it as part of my answer to your question). I found that I was like you and had no energy and began writing down my activities for a one week period to see what I was doing and eating and found that by adding something as simple as a healthy breakfast, my energy improved dramatically. Don’t know if this will work for you, but maybe try it out. Dialog what you do for a 7 day period and then see if you can add or eliminate something and see if that works. Good luck:)

Answer #3

maybe you’re getting immune to the caffiene? you need more for the same effect.

Answer #4

yeah coffee is bad for you, plus it makes your teeth look bad! D: Drink Green Tea insted has some caffien if thats what your aiming for ( and no I dont mean those cheap bottle Green Tea).

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