Are nipple piercings dangerous?

Answer #1

no they’re just ugly

Answer #2

ummm your breast is very sensitive & you could deff cause cancer by that its a 1 in a million chance but you could be that 1

Answer #3

“Some of the complications of nipple piercing can include:

* Infection of the nipple, which in women can quickly travel through the milk ducts and into the lymph nodes under the arm.
* Scarring.
* The growth of a cyst inside the nipple.
* Problems with healing if the jewelery is too small."

Answer #4

No, yes you risk infection, just like any other piercing. But it wont kill you or do anathing bad to you if you get it done.

Answer #5

Piercings do NOT cause cancer. They can cause infection, reject and result in serious scarring but they can’t cause cancer. Check your sources please, whoever told you that was messing with you.

Answer #6

Well they can be pierced wrong if your a female you have milk glans and if one is hit then preg. or not you could start leaking milk out from the whole. So I would advise you to go to a professional to get it done. But other then that NO…

Answer #7

excuse me watch your attitude thank you …

Answer #8

I didn’t think I had an attitude but I apologise if I seemed to. You were seriously mistaken with the whole cancer thing - I just had to reinforce my fact.

Answer #9

Its ok I’m sorry I came back on you like that because I thought you was honestly just being smart, so sorry too :) & oh my grandma told me that so I just believed it …

Answer #10

Agreed, and no offense but they are ugly and truthfully they kind of defeat the purpose. Like, most guys like to suck on them but if you have a nipple piercing then he really can’t and that means no pleasure for you soo…

Answer #11

Oh okay, I’d assume that she’s just trying to scare you into not getting piercings ;D

Answer #12

LoL I guess c[=

Answer #13

agree ^

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