How to make nipple piercings painless?

I am 17 and I want to get my nipples pierced but I was talking to a friend and she said I should wait because my boobs may not be fully developed and if my boobs grow thay could cause problems wiht the rings. I also want to know about the pain factor. I know it is differnt for everyone but I have my lip and belly button pierced and they were both totally painless then I had my tongue done for a while and the was just a sharp pain then it was fine. I really want to get them done soon but if they are going to get ruined if my boobs grow then I can wait.

Answer #1

I JUST GOT THEM DONE haha… they are really cute!! and it only hurt for a second and it felt the same as my belly button

Answer #2

It will not affect your breast growth at all. The pain is a little more tender for most people then the navel. But as you said everyone is differant.

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