Nipple piercings on small breasts?

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Info I found: Nipple piercing can cause infection, and if you are female it can cause extra difficulties because the piercing may burrow through your milk-producing ducts. This can create problems if you have a baby and want to breast-feed. The nipple is very sensitive and therefore can be very painful to pierce.

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im a 38c and I got my nipple pierced...y should the size matter??lol..and just to let ya doesnt hurt as much as people say..YES its sore after but the piercing itself really aint all that bad

nipple piercings

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Why not, it is a great thing for you to do, it will do wonders to your personality and not even to mention anything else. Just remember that that is a very "ouch" piercing.

what to do I m 19 and I have small breast what to do to increase them?
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How small are you boobs ?

I have C, and I have one,

but I've seen them on smaller, and they look good.

Do nipple piercings hurt and what are the dangers?

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girl thats hottt!!! dont worry bout it im a chick and no that its kewl!!!

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