How to make the hole I pierced bigger?

Hello. I’ve just pierced labret myself.. But I use sewing needle.. The hole is just too small for mii to put in ear sticks… How to make the hole bigger?

Answer #1

take a big deep breath and just jam the ring through. if you can get a tapering needle, that is your best bet, but I gauged my ears myself without one, by just forcing a larger ring through. it does hurt like hell lol and it may get infected but theres really not much else to it. just pop it through.

Answer #2

Ouch, please don’t. There’s a huge chance it will get infected if you do it yourself.

And then you’ll have to go to the Doctor, etc. and pay all sorts of fees and be in pain.

Answer #3

I dont know about making it bigger but I hope you used heaps of antiseptic stuff! Did it hurt.?

Answer #4

Not really.. Abit I guess.

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