Birth control pill and side effects

So I want to go on the pill but it really freaks me out to take something that alters my hormones. girls, what pills have you tried that work the best ie: least amount of side effects. what are bad ones that had negative side effects?
Is there anyone who had better luck with a diaphragm or female condom or other form of contraceptive? Should I just use a condom and spermicide?

Answer #1

I am on ortho tri-cyclen lo. It’s the only pill I’ve ever been on. With this pill I get pretty moody ..easily upset..etc..and if I miss a pill by only an hour or two I have my period for about two weeks.(I’m only on it to regulate my period to begin with because it was unbearable..I’m not sexually active so I can’t help in that aspect.)

Answer #2

Modern birth control pills are safe and okay, but you must not smoke if you use it, because the two thing (sex hormon pills and smoking) cause a high risk of adverse effects.

“A recent study confirmed that women increase the risk of having a first-time heart attack by 30 times when they smoke 25 cigarettes or more a day and take a daily, low-dose birth control pill.”

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