New lump in my neck

I have a lump in my neck. Only found it tonight, and not sure if it has been there for a while. It is next to the trachea, quite central and high up (where my neck starts under my jaw) Can it be a lymph node? It is solid hard and pain (but could be because I’ve been trying to feel the size). If I should guess, it is approximately 2cm in size. Can’t quite figure out if it is part of the trachea, because it is a bit sore when I swallow. Should I be worried? Hope it is not serious.

Answer #1

sounds like a swollen lymph node to me. Mine get like that when my allergies start acting up, and I will get a soar throat some times, and a bit of an ear ache.

But if it doesn’t go away it might not be a bad idea to get a doctor to look at it.

Answer #2

It could be a swollen lymph node; mine have been swollen for years now cause they’re in overdrive all the time cause of my allergies.

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