How do I make my legs look better from sugery scars?

how do I make my legs look better when they have big surgery scars and I dont have alota money for surgery

Answer #1

Use bio oil regularly. Keep it in the bathroom and rub it on whenever you happen to be in there. Fake tan works a treat on stretch marks and scars so that’s a definite option. Look for a product called ‘airbrush legs’ online it should have vit K in it which softens scar tissue while covering like foundation. If they are purplish,gently expose to sun light as this will whiten them and make them easy to cover. If you are feeling brave, buy a chemical peel kit (it’s worked for me before) use with caution and read up on it first though. Remember, If a few leg scars are your biggest cosmetic worry, then you’re probably gorgeous and dont fret too much because they could be on your face. Best of luck:)

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