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Should I call social services about the neighbour's kids?

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I live in england in a nice village. I have serious concerns about 2 households in my street, they make my life a misery with their behavior and my constant worrying about their kids Household 1, Single mother of a 15yr old non-attending school and 10 yr old with learning difficulties She takes drugs each and every day. and allows her oldest to do the same .she prostitutes herself from home and commits fraud frequently. Household 2: Married, 4 kids oldest 13yrs youngest 18months. House is a horror show of squalour, I do their gardening to stop it ruining my place. Children are filthy, poorly nourished, 2 are clearly delayed emotionally and physically and one girl is covered in eczema which doesn't look like its being treated.what should I do? Is it wrong to 'grass them up' ?