What would you call your kids name

What would you call your kids names mine are 2 girls:Mercedes and Lorelai and 1 Boy:McKenzie I havnt had kids yet this is what im planning hope the bloke goes along with them lol

Answer #1

girls; ava, evian, geneva, eve, mia.

boys; dakota, & payne : )

Answer #2

girls: kathrine, caroline, elaine, renae, logan, reed, aimee, claire, cassidy, carly or bridget

boys: peter,trevor, sam, rori, jacob, luke, andrew(andy), cade, jesse, daniel,nathen

Answer #3

Well I would name my daughters: Nohemi, Nayeli, Jocelyn, Daniela, Jemima or Hannah =) &&& I would name my sons: Joseph, Adrian, Jonathan, Eric, Emmanuel or Jerimiah ☆♪LL♪☆ =)

Answer #4

I have a very rare scottish name one I didnt like for years when I was younger. I used to get upset that I could not get anything with my name on it - whether this was a mug or a pen. it became such a disapointment to me through my childhood that everyone with normal names had things with their name on it- what I would do is go to a store where you can buy names on things. then pick a name of the lists there. however middle names can be anything you want - make one up - the best new name I heard for a boy was jago, I scottish drink. cool and white.

also think what the name would be like when you have to go out your back door and shout them to come in for their dinner!! is it sounds daft then it is daft!

Answer #5

me and my boyfriend discussed 2 days ago actually <333 our 2 girls will be jessica and destiny and our 2 boys will be owen and tyler durden haha

Answer #6

Girl: Patience Boy: Zion

Answer #7

girls: Jennifer, Cassidy, Andrea, Michelle, Nicole boys: Cameron, Zack, Dillon, Drake, Noah

Answer #8

Boys: Finch, Indiana, Vincent, Straun, Brude, Caleb

Girls: Murrn, Idgie, Wednesday, Lolita, Skylar, Roux

Answer #9

Ella Marie and Tristan

Answer #10

ROFL. marsha,gregg,cindy…peter…

Answer #11

Id name them all Billboard, Billboard 2, Billboard 3…

Answer #12

For boys I like Rowan and Oliver. For girls I like Sage and Luna.

Answer #13

When I have kids Id pick out unique names. Like Artemis and Apollo.

Answer #14

Adrianna Ariel Alexander Adrian

xox Sika

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