need womans advice about selfish girlfriend

ok, I have beeing with my girlfriend for 2.5 years. We are both 21 and had never been sexually active in anyway before being with eachother. The first time we were was a month into our relationship, when I went down on her. I did it a few times more after the first (its probably my favourite thing in the world). but she told me she doesnt like it and that I should use my hands instead. We do not have sex because I would like to wait to be married. The thing is that I pleasure her from time to time and she has never even touched me or seen me naked in our 2 and a half years together. I tried putting her hands down my pants but she wouldnt do anything and wasnt very happy with my for doing that. About 5 months ago I talked to her about it and she is just shy and nervous with it, shes never done anything sexual before and says she feels like a little girl. But she accepted that I deserve my attention and that she would make an effort to pleasure me by the summer. well its mid july now and nothing has happened. IS there any chance of us being sexually compatible. I feel like she knows that I wont demand anything from her and just wants to get hers. am I being used what do I do

Answer #1

not a girl but I would like to give my 2 cents. Since you go down on her and she prefers your hands, and she is shy about touching you, I think you should start playing with her and start rubbing her clit with your penis. Or you could try playing with your self while playing with her so she can see you doing it.

Answer #2

obviously if you have been together so long both of you care a lot about each other, maybe just explain to her what you like her to do and if she tries it just tell her how much you like it. once she sees what it does to you she will want to do it again

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