How to make a fake vagina out of home products

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you can buy one from a adult toy store? get a girl friend? lol I dono? cut a hole in a watermellon lol

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XD omfg rotflmao

I want to make a great fake vagina

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LMAO! im sure I have no idea but it was so funny to read I just had to laugh. just use your hands man.

How to make a homemade fake vagina?
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How to make a fake penis?

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uhm...I know how 2 lol but...its a little embarrasing to explain lol so...I shall do it lol...
1.get a condom
2.fill it half way up with water (dont let it stretch to much)
3.tie it off at the opening
4.tie the ends together.
5.dont get caught and dont let it bust...and dont get carried away..rotfl...but it me I've used it...=]

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Hmmm, I never tried to make a fake vagina before... Just did the real thing.

But, I'd use my hand if I were you. Much safer, and your mom wont get pissed when some things end up missing. :P

Why do I keep rubbing my vagina?

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um a lot of guys I know cut a hole out of pillow and put on top of there dk and have at it they say it makes them cum but I don't know

Can putting a lollipop in your vagina give you any infection?
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Why are you guys acting like its disgusting? Girls use fake penises...

As for the question, I wouldn't know.

What should a 14 teen yr olds vagina look like?

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see my tutorial 'fake vagina'

How many girlies can feel a male ejaculation inside their vagina ?
ANSWER #10 of 12 i dont own this video

How can I make my vagina creamy?
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The site below has 8 different methods of making them, with photos teaching you exactly's pretty funny...

Why is this clearish stuff coming out from my vagina
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There are many different ways to make one. One of the best is to use a rubber glove, put it inside a towel and then roll them up together. Then bend the glove back over the towel and fasten the tube with some bands or tape. Then squirt in some lube and off you go:-) the site below has photos and descriptions of how to make 8 different types if you want to get really into it...

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