How can i make my vagina creamy?

I love it when I see girls in the porn videos with creamy vagina, how can I make my vagina creamy?

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Oh no, another person who thinks porn movies reflect real life.

Listen up, porn movies are actors, following scripts, written by men, diected by men and made for the enjoyment of men. (mainly)

Like all movies, they have special effects in the same way a Harry Potter movie has special effects but on a much more basic and cheaper level.

They put cream on vaginas to make them look, as you say, creamy'.

The stop the filming, insert clear fluid into vaginas, start the filming again to make it look like the women has a female ejaculation when the fluid spurts out.

They film the guy cumming with more than one camera from different angles, splice all the shots together to make it look like he has cum for over a minute and squirted out a cupful.

etc, etc, etc...

They use hundreds of tricks and special effects.

One thing you need to remember, PORN MOVIES DO NOT REFLECT REAL LIFE!

Get real.


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what the hell do you mean by a creamy vagina???

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I promise you, if you like slid your fingers down your vagina, you'll get wet. You can also try playing with your clit or fingering yourself

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Your vaginal secretions change throughout your cycle as your hormones fluctuate, the closer you get to ovulation, the thicker and creamier your secretions become, the further from ovulation you are the thinner and clearer it will be.

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Also, in response to the "oh god another person who thinks porn is reflective of real life" guy. Female ejaculation is very real and as someone within the porn industry I can tell you people in porns DO actually cum and have very real and positive sexual experiences the vast majority of the time. In many professional and amateur pornographic films, props are of course used, but in your average sex scenes, all of their bodily fluids are real and not exaggerated.

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