How to make a fake penis?

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Use a banana.

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If your too young 2 buy a vibrator you could always shape a cucumber however you want. Put ribs in it. Make it big, small, whatever floats your boat. Id rap it with a condom first if I were you. Never personally tried this but I've heard about a chick doing it. Dont believe the girl who says your messed. Shes obviously never been locked up. Youd be suprised with some of the things girls have used.

How to make a fake vagina out of home products
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Molding clay. If this is going to be used on you... DON'T. Just go buy a vibrator of some sort. Way less health risks/risks of injury. And I don't just mean for modeling clay.. I mean bananas or anything other kind of object that is simply not meant for going up there..

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wat the hell do u need to make a fake penis for
u have to be messed if u r going to shove some home made penis up yourslef
just get a dildo

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go to a plastic surgeon. just like getting a breast job, get your penile reshaped. it will still work, but it looks different.
if you're talking about making a model of a penis, melt wax and shape the wax into a penis shape, but you need the proper materials

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take your own ,lay on your side and make an impression in some sand,turn on your other side and make an impression in the sand.pour some liquid rubber in till it's smooth with the sand and let it the same thing with the other impression,let it dry,when both are dry spread some iiquid rubber on the flat side iof each impression and join the two together.then cut off the rough edges and lube up

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Why do you want to make one, when there are realistic ones in the market. They are called vibrators with enough technology to give you orgasm. You can also have the semi solid cheap male sex dolls.

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How to make a homemade fake vagina?

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