Where can I work when I'm 14?

Im 14 yearold and Im trying to look for a job.

Answer #1

Don’t do that..the only reason he wants you to join is because he can get 20 % of everything you make and the site is lame. Apply at sunsplash, they hiring 14 yr olds, I bout to try and work there.

Answer #2

Unfortunately there isnt any place where you can work at 14 but if someone was willing to pay “under the table” thats different..you just have to find a place that would do that.

Answer #3

You’ll have to ck the laws in your area - may require a permit..some ideas:

Baby sitting Paper route Dog walking Grocery store Lemonade stand Paint House number on street curb House sitting City, County, State and other government-run Youth Programs Vacation and Tourism spots Hotels/Resorts Parks and recreational areas Swimming pools, golf courses and campground facilities Day and summer camps Amusement/Theme/Entertainment parks Museums, Zoos and Aquariums Airport concession firms Childcare and Eldercare providers Health care facilities Business services (including) Moving and packing companies Pool and spa companies Lawn care and other maintenance companies Construction companies Movie theaters Fast food and restaurant establishments Ice cream parlors, juice bars Clothing and accessory stores Newspaper / Magazine Distribution

Wish you the best !!

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