Can i work when i'm 14?

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yea but where do you live .. I got one @ 14 I was working with litttle kids .. I worked after school @ family matters and things like that ... you can always go up 2 your school and get a working permit

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im 15 not and 1/2 and I work at a food place. I just had to get a food handlers card.
no work permit.
im in oklahoma.

What store can I work at when I'm 14?

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You can do like babysitting or lawn mowing.
In Missouri where I live you can not get a job until you are 15 1/2. Child Labor Law.

Where can I work when I'm only 14?
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it all depends on what state you live in. I know the rules in my state is that you have to be 15 AND have a working permit.

Where can I work at 14 in England?

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yes if you get woking papres from your school

Where can I work at 14 in Miami?
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yeh in the uk anyway...
wash up in a returant
surve drinks to people
work in a hairdresser cleaning the hair up or what evr

Can you work at the age of 14 at...?

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