Where can I work when I'm only 14?

I’m 14 and I live in Ottawa. Where can I work other than babysitting?

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A good answer was given by warlock for the same question:

Businesses that often employ teenagers include:

-Child care centers -Summer camps -Veterinary clinics -Restaurants -Fast food places -Newspapers (delivery routes) -Parks and pools (lifeguarding) -Golf courses (caddying) You can also make money without working for someone else. Start your own part-time business. Here are a few ideas:

-Tutor a fellow classmate in one of your best subjects -Babysit -Mow lawns in summer, shovel walks and driveways in winter -Pet sit for neighbors on vacation or walk dogs -Assist with gardening or lawn care (mowing, weeding) -Detail cars -Type school papers for other students -Clean houses -Use your computer expertise to help other students or adults -Be a mother’s helper or nanny for a busy mom -Plant a garden and sell your produce to neighbors -Sell baked goods to neighbors or at a local farmers market -Start your own DJ business -Be a mother’s helper or part-time nanny -Make baked goods and sell them at a local farmers’ market.

Type up a flyer about your services and distribute copies to houses in your neighborhood or surrounding area.

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