Names my sister picked for her baby

My sister picked 3 names for her baby : madeline , adeline , or matilda , which one do you like ?

Answer #1

Same here - Madeline (Maddy) :-)

Answer #2

Adeline. no one else will have it!!! matilda is that witch story and madeline makes me think of 1) that little kid in the books in france and 2) an old lady.

Answer #3

All are correct. Madeline is a very cute name but very common. I like Adeline for most unique. My great grandmas name is Matilda so Im not a big fan of that one cause all I think about is a 94 year old lady.

Answer #4

I think the first two have the potential for getting bad nicknames and Matilda reminds me of a witch. It’s not good to use popular names either. Her daughter will be stuck with it for the rest of her life (or until she’s old enough to change it). It would be great if she could come up with an original name. Plus your sister needs to know the meaning of the name she chooses. She could check out google for a website of names. There must be a lot of them.

Carol (song of joy)

Answer #5


Answer #6

I like madeline but its so common.I love the name matilda!

Answer #7

I think madeline is sooo cute. I makes me think of a really lovely little girl! x

Answer #8

I like Adeline, although Madeline’s cute too

Answer #9

I like them all - ‘Madeline’ the most.

Answer #10

madeline ♥ ♥

Answer #11

yeah. madeline is so cute!

Answer #12

Madeline is my favorite out of those.

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