Picked a name... now... opinions?

For everyone helping me pick a name...I thought of a name but now I need some opinions on if people like it o rif it's stupid:::
Landen Richard-James Baer (my boyfriend's last name)

I picked those two middle names for reasons (richard for my uncle and james for my boyfriends dad)

So tell me what you think.

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I think it's a really nice name!

haha my baby sisters name is Raechelle De. Gabrielle Aguilera, kind of a long name, but it's not common! just like Landen Richard-James Baer !

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I realy like the name landen I think that its a perfect name, but the two middle names kinda doesnt flow. mabe if you had richard be the first name so that its Richard James Baer.

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I'm not into the whole 2 middle name thing unless you have some tradition with it but that is a fine name. Just scream it a couple times and see if it sounds right lol.

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my friend just had a baby && named him landen ryan (=
personly I think the name you chose is ADORABLE (= My baby has 2 middle names also ! :)

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