How do I persuade her to let me have myspace?

I just got home from a camp.. And all my new friends there have myspace! it’d be the only way I could talk to them.. And I dont have it. I’ve asked before and my mom won’t let me. How do I persuade her to let me have it?

Answer #1

Your parents, like many other parents, are concerned with your safety. Why not suggest that a computer could be set up in the family room / living room / whatever room with the monitor positioned so that anyone could see it. Have your space set to private. All other computers could have that site blocked so that any MySpacing would have to be in the family room. And finally, they would have your password, as well as your permission to check your site whenever they want. Other than that, this is a case where your past actions can affect you. If you have been honest and trustworthy in the past, and made good judgements, then it won’t be too long until they will trust you in this too. Good Luck!!

Answer #2

Just say that you will make you profile private and then only the people who approve to be your friends to look at it then it will be really safe but all the stuff the dude is true so if you still want one the tell her that you can make it private

Answer #3

Let’s see:

  1. you’d be personally contributing revenue to the 4th largest media company in the world (yeah!)
  2. FOX news (part of News corp, parent co of myspace) is well known to have a republican bias…and, journalists should be non partisan( yeah!)
  3. MySpace is going to make $900 million in revenue this year…and just laid off a bunch of employees, while at the same time, giving huge salaries to new SVP’s (yeah!)
  4. When you login, your profile is covered with ads (2/3 of it - we check regularly).

Honestly…tell your friends to get an account here :)

But…if you want to help feed the mega corps of the world that are soulless…then, well, just tell your mom the reasons I outlined above, and I’m sure she’ll listen.

Answer #4

I think your parents are concerned with safety since ‘myspace predators’ are pretty much common to like a lot of parents. Correct? I don’t know.

Just tell them about the features that allow you to create a fake name // make your profile private [[ explain how that works to them. ]], you can pretty much like. edit nearly every detail about you on myspace. I’m not implying you should lie to them unless you want to… but yeah. :3 Make sure you sound like myspace is a very safe website. :D

I had this problem, of course I bent the truth a little and so its all good. gl.

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