How can I persuade my mom to let my get another dog?

I have 3 dogs and, one of them is a my dog and the other two are my brothers. my brother got his got his 1st dog 2 years ago because his old one died and he got his 2nd dog last year because “he wanted it”. I got my dog 6 years ago because my other died of cancer. Everytime I ask my mom “can I have another dog”, she just looks at me and laughs. I don’t even like my brothers dogs, they scare me cause there rottweilers, and mine is a little yorkie. Which is what I want, another yorkie. My brother asked for another dog about a week ago and my mom said “sure, in the summer.”, and my brother doesn’t even take care of his dogs I do. I also take care of mine very well. Anywho I REALLY want another one so how can I persuade my mom to let me have one?

Answer #1

Right. You’ve got 3 dogs in the house. I’d laugh too. Wait till you have your own house and are paying for the food and vet bills and then get however many dogs you want.

Answer #2

do you really need another dog? I mean you have 3, you could try selling your brothers ones.

Answer #3

beg her to

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