My tarantula

Never seems to eat her food! I feed her large live crickets, but they always just end up dying before she ever eats them! I’ve had her for just over three years, and this has only recently started happening… I’ve tried her on different types of crickets, but with no joy.

Answer #1

I had a Black Widow (Nancy was her name :) ) …she only ate two crickets every couple of months…


Answer #2

is it close to time for her to shed her skin? she may not eat if it is.

Answer #3

How often are you feeding it?

Tarantulas can go for long periods of time without eating…she just may not be hungry.

Answer #4

you should try her with different insects, because sometimes they tire from eating the same insect

Answer #5

I feed her about once a week, as the crickets are quite expensive and they die quickly (even though they have a massive tank and plenty of food/water) as I don’t want them to go to waste.

Answer #6

you might need to feed her more often or less often google the type of tarantula you have and see who often it needs to be fed then try feeding it something other than the same thing all the time try beetles, butterflies, moths and other insects

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