Could it really have been a brazillian wandering spider in my yard?

Ok so today I found a very unusual looking spider I have never seen anything quite like it before so I searched the internet for hours on end trying to work out what this spider could have been. After my hours of searching the only thing it had a striking resemblance to was the brazillian wandering spider! But what I would really like to know is could it really have been a brazillian wandering spider in my back yard in canberra australia ???!

Answer #1

OK, I live in Germany, Europe. Last year, we had a big page-1 newspaper article. ‘Woman attacked by tarantula!’ The woman bought bananas, and with the bananas came a blind passenger, the poisonous spider.

So I guess you or any of your neighbors bought something from brazil - fruits, furniture, clothes, a dvd on ebay - and whoever packed it happened to pack the spider, too. When the packet was unpacked, the spider clinged to or hid inside something that went to your neighboorhood. Thus a brazilian Spider in your back yard.

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