Why does my stomach hurt when i walk?

I woke up in the middle night feeling like really bloated and my stomach was rumbling and hurting bad... all day I have been walking around pain. My dad and mom said its because I am probably constipated or full of gas... I know grose... but I took Gas-X and some laxative stuff and this thing called susporitories where you stick up your butt and it made me poop really fast like a minute or two later. What should I do?... I don't want to feel like this on Thanksgiving because I am supposed to go have thanksgiving with my boyfriends family and I don't want to look fat because I am bloated or be in pain.

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It does sound like bad gas. Sometimes I get like that before my period, unfortunately. (I think that's the most personal thing I've ever posted on FunAdvice. Thanks ;).

However, my Mom had pancreatitis when I was young, and appendicitis supposedly can feel like gas too. If it is localized (ie. in one area) and doesn't go away by Friday, see your doctor or clinic.

Otherwise, just try to fart and take Gas-X. It sucks but it's all you can do...

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Doctors don't know everything! Change your diet, and start eating healthy and you won't have gas. And stay away from Gas-X. Not really good fo your body.

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talk to a physician

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