How can I become famous?

Im a good singer but I want to be famouse and my perents wont let me join youtube any advice

Answer #1

you need a agant call 56789012

Answer #2

why not try putting together a cd of your work get help with the instramental (perhaps there are intrament players at your school or you could advertise)

record your disc and put it up for sale there are a few websites out there that allow you to load up your songs and sell them very much like itunes ( is an example but there are more

then advertise if you have a local indipentant record shop see if they will stock your cd ..

send your cd to record producers and talent scouts (be prepared for meny a rejection but keep trying)

Answer #3

Screw rules lol What about myspace? Or any other website

Answer #4

hey go on x factor :) x

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