How to be famous?

How can you become famous? From singing? Because my frined and I wanted to know all our lives!!!

Answer #1

Get an agent. Go on the X-Factor Enter talent shows where you live Go to auditions Pantomimes are good places to start as many people in them turn out to be singers Musical theatre classes Hope this helps. :) x

Answer #2

go to auditions. thats what I do. You can find audition listings online at or other places you can even make free accounts an certian websites which alow you to get emails when there’s an audition near you. whatever your planning on auditioning for or doing you must pratcie your talent. Pretty soon you might become famouse. Also you could audition for something like American Idol or Americas got Talnet, I myself am auditioning for the secon tommorow than after that I have an audition for an ensemble choir on monday. You can’t just sit at home hoping somebody will come to you, you have to get out there and show yourself and if you talent is really as good as you think it is you could be discovered.

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