How do I become famous?

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always dreamed of becoming famous, I dont know how though. So any advice or ideas???

Answer #1

you have to be famous for something. anyway I don’t think you will like it that much, because the paparrizi will follow you everywhere. and you wouldn’t be able to keep a secret for longer than a minute.

Answer #2

…become famous doing what?

Answer #3

Talent, luck, and perseverance.

Or sex, money, and connections.

Answer #4

hrmm American idol,or if you know someone that works for nascar its not to hard to get in I mean its still hard but not as hard,thats the only ideas I got

Answer #5

there are tryouts in california for a lot of t.v. shows. although if you are going on acting, you probably want some expeirience first. try a school play. don’t fall for one of those adds. umm.. if you like a sport, enter lots of competitions for it. if you are really really good at it, maybe you should try out the jr.olympics. there are plenty of acedimic competitions too.

Answer #6

I don’t know. but im seeking the same dream

Answer #7


Answer #8

Thanks aalot but the sports I do play im not that good at them and I do act but my drama teacher is real mean and hates me

Answer #9

I am Icarly from nick but I do know what to do go to the internet and tipe something like: join some thing that will make you famouse right now.and thats how I got famouse

Answer #10

Well first off what are trying to be famous for? Singing, dancing, stand-up comic, or some other type of talent? I do know that none of the above are easy to famous. If you are serious about it, you have to be will to make some scarifices and work hard.

Things aren’t just going to fall in your lap, like a good honest agent, people will to help you find auditions until can find that agent. In some cases you might even have to be willing to move for a shor period of time; most conncetions are either on the east or west coast.

I have a friend who moved to Cali and things are a lot better for him, Chicago just didn’t deal with music that much. So what ever talent you have been blessed, sit down, take your time and map out your what you feel you need to do in order to suceed. Best of Luck

Answer #11

Extra curricular activities (they wont make you famous but could help you a lot) , auditions, britains got talent, x factor, american idol, americas got talent (things like that) good luck

Answer #12

well my opinion is,look on the internet,have sex,steal,and you would be famous IN JAIL for the most famous crook!!!LOL LOL LOL

Answer #13

Try Cast calling, but if you want to be a singer, do what Justin Bieber did, Post videos on youtube so people can watch them and share them and eventually it’ll be everywhere and maybe a certain person will see you, hope this helps, I have the same dream

Answer #14

well right now im using and I found myself a director who could help me. maybe you could do that to.

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