My son at 7 weeks is drinkin 2 full bottles at 12am

My son is 7 weeks old, and wont go to sleep with out having his 2 full bottles of milk at 12 am, I’ve’e tried to give him just one bottle but he persists on having 2 bottles. After him having them 2 bottles he only sleeps for 3 to 4 hours, untill he wants feeding again. Im worried about his weight, as his dad is rathe large, and my son is alredy a little porker.

Answer #1

Try a little cereal to your sons bottle This will help him to feel fuller. The drs say dont do this but they go based on a chart and book.This I did with my three kids and they are very healthy.

Answer #2

Hiya, I’m by no way an expert but I have a little boy thats just had his first birthday. He ate and ate and ate from the minute he was born, I felt like I was always feeding him, he still eats a huge amount of food but as soon as he started crawling then walking, he shed a load of weight. I wouldn’t worry at all personally because at the end of the day milks milk.. he isn’t piggin out on chocolate or cake. Milks healthy. I remember seeing baby cereal in the shop with a “for four month olds +” label on it. I asked around my friends and found out that most were slipping a spoon of baby porridge or a segmant of crushed rusk into their little ones night feed to help them through the night..some from as young as five weeks. I can’t remember exactly but I think TJ was about 7 weeks when I started adding a bit of babies first cereal in to his night feed. He slept for longer and took less milk. It’s slower releasing so it helps them go a little longer.

Hope it helps xx

Answer #3

Best to speak to his Doctor.

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