my sister is having a baby

wats a good name?

Answer #1

BOY; Landon Emet Alic Spencer Orlando Michael Justin Max Kyle Cole

GIRL; Mia Emily Twixie Remy Melanie Jinny Annie Samantha Kelly Lesley

Answer #2

you should wait to see him/her.a babys name should reflect their personalitys.the mother may know when they see their baby.just come up with about20 names for boy and girl you like.(you could come up with names in a different language to)when he/she is born,you’ll know.

Answer #3

Knikki Aubri Makenzi Miranda (my name : ) ) Jeanene Jodi Penelope Grace Hope Micalea (mi-kay-la) Scarlet Shailynn Kristen Amy Adrian

Answer #4

ashton ashly amber shanaon lea mya amy matt kevin chris blain danny daniel luke andrew oliva adrian nathan ciera hannah laren alicia megan emily amilia robert kyle jsutin steven corey terance will bobbie shuan dakota lance catie ethan samantha gage brandi jessie raven jacob adam megan tatum nicki cabrina sabrina salina devin austin ricky dyanna kolby krysha josh jordan james dillon alysa paul uhhh my hands hurt

Answer #5

jealeanne (jay - leen) aleah (aleeahh) gina (geena) marie(maree) krystal

Answer #6

Tia Aimee Lindsey Rozee Anna Leigh-Anne Mary-Jane Jessica Lynne

Answer #7

calie (:

Answer #8

Tabletha. is good.// ima guy and I knew that .. come on ladies !

Answer #9

A boy or a girl? :)

Answer #10

a girl

Answer #11

nala lina Jessica Taona auna carmin

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