Will I ever be rich?

will I ever be rich

Answer #1

If you’re willing to put in the hard work that it takes and make wise decisions - YES !!

Answer #2


Answer #3

if you study your butt of and get an awsome job then you will be millionair…I don’t know…main thing is to study and get excellent grades… :)

Answer #4

if you focus your attention and skills it will eventually happend

Answer #5

If you sit around waiting to be, NO!

If you marry a rich, old, ill billionaire, probably yes.

Answer #6

you could be rich one day but make sure you use your money for good.:)

Answer #7

Maybe with to be happy and content with life rather than rich. There are many rich and unhappy people in the world.


Answer #8

u might

Answer #9

being rich is not always a good thing its also a greed if you want my oppion

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